Thunder Wave Water Sport Kneeboard SLKB30


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There's nothing quite like feeling the wind flow through your hair and the sun kiss your skin while you are out on the water. Most...

There's nothing quite like feeling the wind flow through your hair and the sun kiss your skin while you are out on the water. Most people hit the oars, draw their sails or pull their anchors to get away from the bustle, but who says you can't have fun out when lost among the waves? If water sports are your thing or if you are planning an aquatic adventure for the family, you're going to need a surface board you can count on to bring along the excitement! Don't think you need to grab a separate kid's knee board? Want the kids to learn how to share? This cushioned knee board is the top choice among those looking for water boards for kids, teenagers and adults! Use it as a water board for kids and then hop on it yourself to do a little board surfing so you can show the young ones how it's done. Kneel surfing is easier than ski surfing, which is why it is popular aquatic activity among kids and adults of all skill levels. And this water kneeboard is waiting to become your new surf companion! Don't miss out while everyone else soaks up some fun in the sun. Order your SereneLife boating knee board before the summer season arrives! WATER BOARD SPECIFICATIONS Construction Materials: reinforced polyurethane Knee Board Dimensions: 50"L x 20"W x 4.5"H Kneeboard Weight: 8.7 lbs

  • #1 AQUA SPORT KNEEBOARD: Get ready to catch a wave! Our knee boards will have you showing off all of your awesome knee surfing skills when at the lake, at the beach or out on a rushing river
  • ULTRALITE, EASY TO CARRY: Ready to ditch that worn down water board and get yourself an upgrade? Our kneeling board weighs a little under 9 lbs, which means it doesn't bog you down. It's small enough to fit in the cab of your vehicle or in a boat box
  • STRAP FOR EXTRA SAFETY: You're of course going to need something to hold you in! Each SereneLife kneeboard is finished with an adjustable strap, making it the ideal water board for boat activities, lake surfing or river cruising
  • UNIVERSAL KNEEL BOARDS: Measuring in at 50” long and 20” wide, our knee surfing board is just the right size to accommodate most older children, teens and adults. It's the perfect boating knee board to share
  • DURABLE, WATER-RESISTANT: Made out of corrosion-proof and marine-grade materials, the boogie surf board is strong enough to be used by the pros and beginners alike