Golf Pro Laser Range Finder SLGRFS25SL


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Take Your Golf Game To The Next Level - Starting Today! Are you an avid golfer who loves nothing more than to get on the...

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Take Your Golf Game To The Next Level - Starting Today!

Are you an avid golfer who loves nothing more than to get on the tee?

Aren't you sick of misjudging distances and shooting duff after duff because of this?

Would you like to try a smart, affordable device even the pros endorse and approve?

Well, you're in luck! SereneLife may just have exactly what you're looking for!

The Precise, Accurate & Reliable Golf Optic Distance Meter You Need

Knowing the exact distance to your flag can make or break a shot. With this amazing rangefinder, you'll be able to make every shot count to the maximum!

SereneLife's golf rangefinder is a compact and lightweight optic device that can measure the distance to your target with a simple press of a button.

• Measuring Range: 5.5 - 546.2 Yards

• Accuracy: +/- 1 Yard

• Selectable Measuring Units: Yards/Meters

• Optical Objective Lens: 24mm

• Field of View: 7°, Magnification: 6X

• Construction Material: Engineered ABS

• Battery Operated: Requires (1) x ‘CR2’ (Lithium, 3V), Included

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.0’’ x 1.6’’ x 2.9’’

• Weight: 0.407 lbs.

The Superior Choice For All Your Distance Measurement Golfing Needs

Compared to GPS golf location calculation devices, optic rangefinders have superior accuracy and precision, have a much longer lasting battery and, most importantly, do not require any additional subscription fees.

This is why devices like this great golf rangefinder is the to-go choice for both casual and professional players!

• BONUS TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED: This a handheld, lightweight, portable tool that any golfer should carry around. That's why, along with your rangefinder, you'll receive a durable, zipper secured carrying case - so you can take it anywhere with you!

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  • TAKE YOUR A-GAME UP A NOTCH: Why golf like it's the '70s when you have 21st century technology on your side? Improve your depth and distance perception with this smart and easy to use rangefinder that measures up to 546.2 yards and golf like a pro!
  • NO SUBSCRIPTIONS OR EXTRA FEES: Unlike GPS-based golf course navigators that require extra subscription fees, this golf rangefinder has no extra charges and works on every golf course. It's also much more accurate and less battery power-consuming!
  • SMART PIN SEEKER MODE: Beside the standard distance measuring detection mode, this smart rangefinder features a "pin seeker" setting - technology that locks on to your target flag and "figures out" the distance to it, it's a real lifesaver!
  • EASY ONE BUTTON OPERATION: This rangefinder is designed to be very simple to use, so you can focus on your game. All you have to do is aim and press a button, and the it will show you the distance to your target on its digital interface display readout!
  • SMART SLOPE TECHNOLOGY - Gives you the slope adjusted distance for any uphill or downhill. By using SmartSlope, you can be confident that you have an accurate angle-compensated distance!

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