Golf Pro Laser Range Finder SLGRF20SL


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SereneLife Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder - Golfing Range Finder with Pinsensor - Accurate up to 540 Yards - Perfect Golf Accessory - Free Battery The...

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SereneLife Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder - Golfing Range Finder with Pinsensor - Accurate up to 540 Yards - Perfect Golf Accessory - Free Battery

The SereneLife Golf Range Finder provides accurate, precise and reliable data readout. Improve your golf game and depth perception with this smart distance meter with digital interface display. The system features (2) selectable function modes including Pin-Seeking and Distance Measuring. Simply point and shoot towards the desired direction and get it on the green! The compact handheld design is super easy to use and fits inside your pocket or golf bag. Adjust the manual focus lens and get a closer look with up to 6X zoom magnification. Improve your golf game with the SereneLife Golf Range Finder & Distance Meter.

  • 546.2 YARDS RANGE: This is a rangefinder that has precise, accurate and reliable measuring range between 5.5 - 546.2 yards. Unit of measurement can also be adjusted changed between meter or yard
  • ADJUSTABLE FOCUS LENS: The laser monocular has an adjustable manual focus eyepiece lens. With an optical objective lens of 21mm, it can magnify up to 6X zoom sight, has a diopter adjust range of +/-4 and a 7.5° field of view
  • 2 SELECTABLE MODES: To help on depth perception, this rangefinder has 2 selectable modes. First is the pin-seeking and second is the distance measuring. It also has a smart digital interface display readout for better readings
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Made with a compact portable handheld design which makes it perfect for the driving range out on the golf course, hunting, shooting, archery and other activities. It also comes with a storage bag or travel case for convenience
  • BATTERY OPERATED: This golf rangefinder is battery operated and requires (1) x ‘CR2’ (Lithium, 3V) for the best wireless performance. It has a very simple and user-friendly button control operation that can be used by anyone of any age

Precise Accurate & Reliable
Smart Digital Interface Display Readout
Helps Improve Your Golf Game & Depth Perception
(2) Selectable Modes: Pin-Seeking & Distance Measuring
Simple Button Control Operation
Compact Handheld Design
Adjustable Manual Lens Focus
Battery Saving Function: Automatic Power Off
Great for Use at the Driving Range
Used by Casual & Professional Golfers
Includes Convenient Travel Case

Technical Specs:
Measuring Range: 5.5 - 546.2 Yards
Accuracy: +/- 1 Yard
Selectable Measuring Units: Yards/Meters
Optical Objective Lens: 25mm
Field of View: 7° Magnification: 6X
Construction Material: Engineered ABS
Battery Operated: Requires (1) x ‘CR2’ (Lithium 3V) Included
Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.0’’ x 1.6’’ x 2.9’’

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