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Tired of fighting with your hose and nozzle that always seem to disappoint? Looking for a retractable garden hose that alleviates the clutter? Well, guess...

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Tired of fighting with your hose and nozzle that always seem to disappoint? Looking for a retractable garden hose that alleviates the clutter? Well, guess what. Today is your lucky day! This here retractable hose reel kit is the solution you've been searching for. The team here at SereneLife has designed and developed this particular 50 ft auto rewind hose reel because we knew homeowners, renters and garden keepers have long searched for a keeper hose that does it all. Say goodbye to the kinks, the knots and the sprawling hose messes. This 50 foot hose reel with storage and attached 7 spray nozzle has been engineered to extend and automatically rewind when ready to be stored, thus requiring very little effort on your part. All you have to do is pull the hose end sprayer from the hose reel side mount and get to watering your flowers, plants or grass. When done, simply let the PVC garden hose reel automatically rewind itself. That's right. No more wrapping, looping or bunching! With a 14mm water hose diameter, this heavy duty retractable hose by SereneLife will make it quick and easy to irrigate your garden with precision. Don't again make the mistake of choosing a conventionally cumbersome garden hose. Grab your mounted hose reel before this amazing deal comes to an end. Order now! RETRACTABLE HOSE SPECIFICATIONSUniversal Threading Adapter: 3/4’’ USA Standard Garden Hose Length: 50' Feet Water Hose Diameter: 14mm Water Pressure Rating: Up to 150 PSI Waterproof Marine Grade Rating: IP-44 Housing Material: Engineered ABS Hose Material: Reinforced PVC Reel House Dimensions: 20.5’’ L x 10.8’’ W x 18.5’’H

  • AUTOMATIC REWIND: Why fuss around with a hose reel that kinks or leaves a jumbled mess? The SereneLife space-saving retractable hose and reel keeps your garden hose functional yet out of the way. No other automatic hose reel compares!
  • MOUNTED REEL BOX: The 20.5’’ x 10.8’’ x 18.5’’garden hose reel box is incredibly easy to mount. The included hose wall mount even swivels side to side, allowing you to freely move around your yard, garden or terrace when watering your grow.
  • LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: Stop fumbling around with that clunky hose reel cart taking up valuable space! Our 50ft retractable water hose and holder weighs a little over 22 lbs, making it the ideal wall mount hose reel for small balconies, terraces, backyards and garages.
  • 7 SPRAYING PATTERNS: Each retractable pocket hose is outfitted with an extra durable hose nozzle sprayer that features seven adjustable spray settings. It's the perfect hose attachment sprayer for gardening!
  • MULTIPURPOSE HOSE: Use the 50 ft water hose and upgraded high pressure hose nozzle for all of your spraying needs around the lawn, in the garden, out on the deck, on the porch or out back on the patio.

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