Smart Indoor Garden SLGLF120


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Features: - Up to 8 Plants Grow at a Time - Up to 13'' Inches Tall with this Indoor Garden - No Soil, No Mess...

Features: - Up to 8 Plants Grow at a Time - Up to 13'' Inches Tall with this Indoor Garden - No Soil, No Mess - Easy to Use - Height Adjustment - Self Watering Plant - 16 Hours On, 8 Hours Off Automatically - LED Grow Lights - For Indoor Use Only - Energy Efficient LED Grow Lights for Faster Growth - Simple Reminders Take the Guesswork Out of Growing - Sprouts in Days, Harvest in Weeks, Enjoy for Months What's in the Box: - Metal Pole - Tray - Lighting Panel - (2) Grow Box - (8) Planting Baskets - (8) Domes - (8) Spacer Lids - (8) Peat Pellets - (1) Screw - (1) Washers - Accessories Construction Materials: - Light Diffusor: PC - Light Cover: Engineered ABS - Rod: Metal - Screw: Metal - Base: Engineered ABS Technical Specs: - Power Supply:18W - Working Temperature: -10~40? - Storage temperature: -25~65?/85% - Input Voltage: 120V AC - Input Current: 244mA(@120V/60HZ) - Output Voltage: 60-68V typical data 61.8V - Output Current: 250±10mA - Spectrum: 3500K - Frequency Response: 50/60Hz - Life Time: 25,000 H - IP Rate: IP20 - Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.72''x 7.39'' x18.74'' -inches
  • LED GROW LIGHTS: The hydroponic garden features 18W energy-efficient high-performance LED grow lights that simulate sunlight spectrum promoting plant photosynthesis in any weather for faster growth. Can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom, or office
  • AUTOMATIC TIMER: This inside garden growing system features an automatic timer function with 16 hours on, 8 hours off. Takes the guesswork out of growing. Sprouts in days, harvest in weeks, enjoy for months
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE: The height of the lighting part of this plant grower indoor kit indoor gardening system can be easily raised or lowered for different growth stages. Can grow up to 8 plants at a time and up to 13'' inches tall
  • INDOOR GARDEN SYSTEM: No soil, no mess. Grow fresh herbs & veggies all Year Round in this indoor smart herb garden. Always fresh, local, & in season. Ideal for basil, parsley, thyme, mint, sage, dill, lettuce, pepper, tomato, petunia, lavender & more
  • COMPLETE KIT: SereneLife indoor plant grower comes in a complete kit for easy planting. Includes metal pole, tray, lighting panel, (2) grow box, (8) pods, (8) planting baskets, (8) domes, (8) spacer lids, (8) peat pellets, (1) screw, (1) washers, & accessories